They say it's my birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and to celebrate it, Raphael and I headed up to Big Bear Lake, Calif. for the weekend to hit the slopes at Summit Mountain. To our surprise just two and a half hours away from L.A. a snow storm was brewing leaving behind a foot of snow and us to scramble to find chains to put on our tires. All my years on the east coast, I never had to drive with chains on my tires, not even in Vermont in the winter. But then again East coast roads are treated with salt and dirt, while here it was just plowed. On our ride back down the windy mountain we saw cars and trucks off the side of the road but continued on at only 20 MPH gripping the wheel. My poor Jetta.

The night of my birthday, back in Los Angeles, 11 of my friends and I did dinner at Bucca Di Beppos. We were in round private round room named, "Passion," which was filled with photos of women and cats (weird but fun). There seemed to be at least 5 other birthday's going on that night, since every ten minutes we'd hear another announcement and then the birthday song being sung. I jokingly told my group that we'd be louder then the others and boy they did not disappoint, they even did a special chant for me, I was almost embarrassed, almost.
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