The Kite Runner

Recently, I went to see a very advanced screening of The Kite Runner, which releases on Dec. 14. Below is my review up at Film School Rejects.

The film adaptation of The Kite Runner brings the popular best-seller to life with beautiful intensity. Like the novel, this film is haunting, vivid and upsetting.

I’m not a huge fan of political movies or books, but the political events in The Kite Runner are only a part of the story. Instead the captivating main characters and tale itself make for an interesting and non didactic watch, despite the political issues that it also arises.

Who’s in this film? No one recognizable from typical Hollywood films. The film stuck to a purism telling by only hiring actors with Middle Eastern or Muslim ancestry, in fact, the little boys in the film weren’t even actors. Yet, the performances are powerfully executed and I did not even miss seeing a familiar face (Read More).
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