Ear today gone tomorrow

The other day poor Raphael decided to stop and get his haircut and the hairdresser accidentally cut his ear with her scissors. It’s not just one of those nicks that you can sometimes get from a dentist, but a good chuck of skin was snipped.

It took him and a couple beauticians a half hour just to stop the bleeding with some gauze and bandage at the salon. He went to the doctor the next day and when they removed the bandage it again started bleeding for another 20 minutes, which is why I stopped removing the bandage the night before once I saw that it would pull on his skin again. The doctor finally made the bleeding stop using the stuff they give boxers to stop bleeding. The doc also recommended a tetanus shot be administered and told Raphael to wear a patch on his ear for the next few days.

Here he was just getting his hair trimmed, who would have expected such a mess? I never heard of such a thing happening. He wasn’t at SuperCuts either; he was at a salon in Abbot Kinney and the hairdresser says she had been styling hair for four years without incident.

For those who can take it (not me) here's a photo of the cut (click here) two days later.

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