Across the Universal

Early this morning, I headed to an HD DVD press conference on the Universal lot. So early (6:15 a.m.) that I saw the sunrise from the highway and there wasn't any traffic on the 405 or 101-- nothing like small miracles to bring a smile to a sleepy face.

This is the third studio that I've had a walk-on pass for since being out in Los Angeles. I had attended Sony Studios in Culver City twice for a taping of King of Queens and then watching the filming of a TGIF commercial and also twice to The Warner Bros lot for screenings of The Brave One and The Astronuat Farmer.

Anyway, the lot was pretty standard with golf carts driving around, catering trucks too, security and sound stages. I walked past Stage 3 where an episode of Desperate Housewives was being filmed inside. I hear you can view Wisteria Lane inside, but that wasn't allowed via my pass, which by the way read "Terra Settiemere" (how they got that from Tara Settembre, even when in possession of my license for 5 minutes, I'll never know).

Link: What the? Who thinks of this stuff?
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