Frosted Cupcakes in Hollywood

For my most recent L.A. Cupcakes MeetUp, about 25 of us visited Frosted Cupcakery in Hollywood, per the suggestion of Julie at LAist (her post). Lucky for us, we just happened to have visited on their one month anniversary of their new shop on Highland, however, their original location in Long Beach is over four years old.

I have to say after visiting 28 different cupcake shops over the last three years in Los Angeles, I was skeptical. However, I was pleased to find that Frosted was refreshingly original. All of their cupcakes were moist and I loved trying their cupcake of the month, which was a sweet apple cinnamon. Their orange cream cheese cupcake tasted like orange sherbet and I enjoyed their lemon cupcake, which wasn't too tart. Other favorites from the group was the peanut butter cupcake, which was like a crumpled Butterfinger on top and their red velvet mini's were also yummy.

Frosted also offers ice cream cupcakes and unlike chain's that offer ice cream cupcakes, their cake wasn't dry.

Some of the attendees also picked up some pupcakes, which are meat filled cupcakes for dogs. Prices are $2.95 for each regular cupcake, $2.00 for a bag of three pupcakes and $4.95 for jumbo ice cream cupcakes. Also, on the first of every month there is a Mini Social where customers are given a free flavor of the month mini.

Oh, and check out my latest cupcake tee:

For more photos from our trip to Frosted, please click here.
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