Tribeca: War, Inc after party

Thanks to, I was able to attend the Cadillac Lounge after party at Tenjune on Little West 12th Street (a block away from where I used to live) for the satire film War, Inc., which premeired at Tribeca. It stars John Cusack (who also wrote the screenplay), Hillary Duff, Marisa Tomei, Sir Ben Kingsley and Joan Cusack. However, the only cast members to appear at the 11 p.m. Tribeca party was Hilary Duff with her sister Hailey, plus the director Joshua Seftel and producer. Everyone was asking “Where’s John?” even celeb guest Chazz Palmanteri asked a PR person if he was there too. Apparently he had a filming conflict or something.

Luckily, I was the only one to interview Hilary Duff at the after party, beating out several broadcast reporters that were there. I made sure I was on the other side of the barricade and the first in line after the still photos. My other "in" was that I was wearing her perfume With Love. She was very cute and pretty in her black strapless dress with a bow on top and in her black pumps. She was about my height (5’2) too. I couldn’t help but notice that War, Inc seemed very different than the other films that she’s been in, IE she went from Disney and Cheaper by the Dozen to this political satire where she plays an oversexed pop star, Yonica Babyyeah, so I had to ask her about that too.

I went on to speak with the director Joshua Seftel who said the film was shot in Bulgaria and made to look like Turaqistan, which is the fictional war town where the film is set, however he was a bit abrasive in his responses.

The producer was there too, but yeah whatever, I didn’t bother. It was rainy and late, so I can’t really blame the rest of the cast for not being there especially since they just did the red carpet screening hours before. Too bad about Tomei though, I was going to do my best My Cousin Vinny impression of “I bet the Chinese food here is terrible!”

Walking in with Chazz was Robert Davi, one of the bad guys in the movie The Goonies. I told him "I loved you in Goonies," and he smiled and said "you've seen that?" I responded, "of course!"

Below is the resulting video with Hilary. I had a professional cameraman for this and the IGotShotGun team did the editing, I’m sure you’ll notice the difference:

For a review of the film itself check out my write up at Film School Rejects. Also, more Tribeca interviews can be found on with different interviewers.
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