Family Guy Giveaway

So all this week, May 5-9, KTLA (the local Los Angeles TV station) is giving away a Wii every day. Just watch between 6 and 7 p.m. during reruns of Family Guy on KTLA for a codeword that can win you a Wii! For more info, go to

KTLA meanwhile is letting me giveaway our own Family Guy prize pack which consists of a t-shirt, Stewie football (his head already looks like one tho), a Stewie Wacky Wobbler bobble-head (shown) and a Family Guy whoopee cushion. To win just post a comment here and as usual I'll randomly select a winner on Sunday night, just be sure that I have some way of contacting you. Good luck!

On a side note, I really do love Family Guy since it hits on so much pop-culture stuff. For awhile there I would play the clip of the dog Brian doing the Peanut Butter Jelly Time dance every day at work.

PS: Judith Light a.k.a Angela from Who's The Boss was in my offices today. She was doing some sort of photo shoot in the conference room, probably for her Ugly Betty role. She looked tall and thin, her hair was nice and curly, basically not much has changed since her 80s show except for the lack of shoulder pads and big rimmed glasses.

Update: Alberto Bryant "this is my journal" from Michigan, won the Family Guy prize pack giveaway. Congrats!
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