A little bit of this and a little bit of that

During our Texas/Louisiana road trip we sampled some new tastes, treats and drinks.

In The Big Easy we tried some yummy Creole gumbo at The Gumbo Shop as well as turtle soup (tasted like gravy) and spicy fried aligator (good but hot) at Felix's:
For drinks we had to sip Pat O'Brien's famous hurricanes (and received a to go mix from my friend and author Farrah). I also tried my first ever Mint Juliep after hearing the Southern drink mentioned in Gone with the Wind, Golden Girls and in many books--it was strong and left me more than tipsy.
The Mint Juliep was later followed by a Grenade, which apparently has absinthe in it. Who knew? I didn't halucinate like shown in Moulin Rouge, but I definitely didn't need another drink that night. Take a look:
For breakfast we hit the famous Cafe DuMonde for their yummy French beignets, which are a lot like Italian Zeppolis or fried dough with powdered sugar.
Oh and while in Alvin Texas I had the best BBQ ever at Joe's BBQ Company. To die for! The baked potato with all the fixings was the size of my head.

Lastly, I hit the Hey Cupcake!-mobile cupcake stand in Austin for a Vanilla Dream.

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