New job with the WWE

As if moving across the country wasn't enough chaos for this year, I have some professional changes to share with you as well.

I just started a new job this week with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Yes, I've given up on PR and am becoming a WWE Diva. I wish, but no, I'll actually be working at their headquarters doing Corporate Communications PR. They have offices in Manhattan, but their main building is in Stamford, CT just a few miles down the road from my apartment! Thus, a really sweet commute.

So far, whenever I tell people about my new position, they usually say something like you're going from Disney to WWE, that's an odd switch? But not really though. Both are large entertainment brands that do films, TV shows, live events, merchandise, publishing and create some big stars. They're just missing a theme park ;)

So, that's my big news. I'll keep you posted on the journey as I'm sure it will be interesting!

Below is a pic of my new offices. You can't miss the flag when driving on the I-95. In fact, I remember always passing it when I was in high school. Who knew one day I'd be working here?
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