Lashing out with codeai eyelash regeneration

A lifetime of an eyelash hair is just 150-200 days, then it comes out. I also learned that mascaras, make-up removers, eyelash extensions and eyelash curlers (I like to call it the eyelash guillotine) are daily aggressors and can harm your lashes. So, I decided to try a new product called ( for two weeks to make my lashes longer, stronger, thicker and more beautiful, since they claim you can start to see results in just two weeks. You do not need a prescription or have to buy it from a medical aesthetician like you have to do with Latisse.

First, I tried to take a picture of my lashes for a before shot like in the weight loss ads, but it wasn't very easy to do. I ended up having to take it through the mirror. Then, I learned to use the "macro" setting on my camera, which made a big difference in picking up the detail of my lashes. My lashes are decent to begin with, I don't have extremely long lashes, but they are fairly nice, especially when I make them darker with mascara.

Anyway, to apply it's like putting on eyeliner. First you dip the brush applicator in the tube filled with clear liquid, start at the corner of your eye and sweep it across to the outer corner, glazing the base of your lashes. As directed on the box, I did this almost every morning and evening to my upper and lower lashes. I liked that it claims to be non-irritating and infact I did NOT experience any irritation, burning or harmful side effects. My lashes just felt wet on for a bit of time after applying. I managed to get a decent gob into my actual eyeball once due to accidently moving my head abrumptly, which just made my eyes water, but thankfully it didn't hurt.

The first week I thought I saw a difference, but I wasn't sure if that was because I was actually paying attention to my lashes for a change. By the second week though, I definitely noticed that my lashes were indeed thicker and a little longer. I especially saw a difference on my bottom lashes, which seemed to really take off under the use of Normally, I never noticed my bottom lashes, but now you can (photo below does not do them justice). I was afraid that my lashes might feel plastic-like or strange after using the serum, but they did not feel any different than normal.

Here are some of my attempted before and after shots (with no mascara on) of my experience:

Apparently, works by using lipo-peptides to boost a cell's natural productivity levels to promote natural, healthy growth. Luckily, their lash extend serum ($115) and brow boosting shaper ($75) have the most peptides on the market. Also, according to their materials's proprietary Myriplex formula stimulates cell replication and drops 20 years off a lash cell's age. Thus, I now have child eyelashes, lol ;)

I would have liked to of tried last year before my wedding along with when I did Crest white strips and got a facial three weeks before the big date. I'm still going to continue beyond my initial two week test and recommend it to any brides. For more eyelash and brow beauty tips you can follow @code_ai on twitter!
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