Nutrilite media day and AC Milan soccer meet

Today, along with a handful of other bloggers from New York, Michigan, Vancouver and all over, I took part in a special digital media day at Nutrilite's Center of Optimal Health out in Buena Park for their VIP Health and Soccer Event. The vitamin, mineral and dietary supplement brand brought us all to their research center to discuss health, to do a personal fitness assessment and for a meet and greet with the famous soccer team A.C. Milan, which are like the Yankees and Cowboys of the European soccer world.

As the team's official nutritional supplement, the company provides regular genetic and nutritional intake testing for each player in order to tell them how they could change their performance with health supplements and a different health regimen. We also got to take a fitness assessment that measured our body fat percentage, bone density, flexibility and so forth all but the genetic testing part and my results showed that I was within average for my age and so forth, but I was inspired by the presentations to do some more physical activity each day. Note to self: next time do not wear a dress and heels.

In their auditorium we also heard from doctors, scientists and employees in several short presentations about the company and overall health information. I learned more about phytonutrients (plant compounds) and the importance of doing a 10 minute circuit workout each day with interval cardio (1 minute super fast, then a minute at a slower pace), which can be done on an elliptical machine even and exercises that can be done at your desk.

All the general health talk then segued to sports nutrition and athletes. At this point we were introduced to Marta Viera Da Silva, the L.A. Sol forward and three-time FIFA World Player of the Year. The Portuguese athlete is easily regarded as the best female soccer player, but I was surprised at how down-to-earth she was and that she was my height (5'2).

The most exciting part though was meeting the A.C. Milan team and later going VIP to the L.A. Galaxy vs. A.C. Milan game at The Home Depot Center. We were also given jerseys to get signed by the team. Their most popular player is Ronaldinho, who signed my jersey, but we also posed with several other good looking players too :)

The game meanwhile ended in a tie at 2 to 2.

Also, at the digital media day was my bloggy friend from New York, Aly Walansky of SheKnows, SplendiCity and so many other blogs.
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