August 29, 2008

A piece of paper?

Raphael and I did the 12 hour drive to El Paso, Texas again to do some more planning for our wedding, which is in 20 days from now. One important stop was to the county court house to get our marriage license, which had to be done 72 hours before the big day and within 30 days. So it's official, we have the paper it just needs to be endorsed by the priest that is marrying us. The funny thing was that there were mariachis playing music in the background making the formal process a bit more romantic. They were there for an employee that was retiring, but it was a good coincidence. You can spot the musicians in the background playing per the camera phone photo above.


  1. oh what fun! Mariachis always mean that there's a party going on. Have fun at the wedding!!

  2. How funny! You're almost Mrs. Ocampo. I can't wait!

  3. woo! i can't believe how soon your wedding is, that's so exciting :)

  4. Only a couple of weeks before we are all together to celebrate YOU and BIG.


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